I’m leaving and working at Warsaw, Poland. Currently employed by Samsung R&D as an Big Data developer in AI - Samsung Health Data Analitics team. I’m interested with back-end development and middleware development, however recently also mobile and wearable solutions. Most of my skills are focused around JVM ecosystem. But I like to learn new languages as an inspiration for my code style. I believe in clean code and XP techniques, so I’m trying constantly to improve my workshop and tools assortment.

As other activities which makes me busy at weekends I could list my beloved family and couple of hobbies. I like to travel around Europe on my orange Kawasaki motorcycle. Recently I’ve also built some metal workshop, which makes me very proud and opens a lot of perspectives for making use of my skills to build some CNC machines and models. I’m also interested with electronics and homemade IoT devices. Additionally I like to read good science-fiction and play board-games. Sometimes I draw pencil portraits.


  • PlantUml for the win

    Hi, this time I would like to share with my recent finding - PlantUml. I going to describe shortly how to use PlantUml on your blog posts or github wiki pages. I believe that in some particular cases, this tool, could be good alternative for draw.io.

  • Agile Development with Designers

    I was recently wondering how to work on UX and UI design in Scrum regime. I’ve reading a lot of articles and blog posts in that topic. This is what I have find out with some thoughts from my recent project I was writing here.

  • Fighting in Jira

    When it comes to Jira I’m not it’s fan. Recently I’ve struggling with very difficult SCRUM project related somehow to health industry. It was not very complex one, but deffinitly deadline was an issue here. We have working on second milestone, preparation to pilot release for big customer. First milestone was focusing on preparing proof of concept, by development of prototype version of the system. It’s worth to notice this detail.

  • My first post

    I’ve decided to start writing so I could remember better some things. Also I like to introduce my self to those people who are looking for my profile in the internet.

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